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Ruth Jacob


Welcome to - a website dedicated to bringing together psychology, spirituality and science and to exploring diverse approaches to questions of consciousness and transformation. The issues discussed here will be both psychological, concerned with the developing self and the encounter with the tasks and challenges that present themselves in the course of the life cycle, and transpersonal, dealing with those experiences deemed transcendent or spiritual.

Focusing attention both inwards upon the psyche and outwards upon the world, an acknowledgement of the spiritual dimension poses new questions. Can an agenda of social justice and human rights be carried forward using a language of reciprocity? What models of compassionate social activism exist, and where might the convergence of a spiritual ethos and political engagement lead?

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I am a writer and psychotherapist based in Roscommon. I work with individuals and groups in my practice, and in a variety of educational and community settings. In addition to counselling and psychotherapy I offer one to one sessions and facilitate women’s sharing circles using SoulCollage®, an intuitive creative process developed by Seena Frost in Watsonville, CA.

I regard psychotherapy as something that creates within our culture a hallowed ground – a place where there can be speech without fear of judgement. Carl Jung saw the unfolding of the Self as a lifelong process, and my work, eclectic through training and choice, incorporates both Jungian and Buddhist perspectives.