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SoulCollage®, a creative process which invites the multiple aspects of the psyche to come forth, manifest and enter into dialogue, was developed by Seena Frost of Watsonville, California see Images from magazines, greeting cards, brochures and photographs are chosen intuitively, cut out and pasted onto pre-cut mat board to form cards which can be used for personal development, for role-play in small groups or in one-to-one psychotherapy.

Soul CollageSoulCollage® studio sessions take place in a Sharing Circle, a place of acceptance, respect and listening with the heart. A place in which we honour silence as we do speech and honour the Other as we do the Self.

Each deck of cards comprises four suits:

“Committee” - psychological aspects of the self.

“Community” – those, living or dead, who inspire, sustain and guide.

“Council” – Archetypal figures which represent the panoply of mythic influences.

“Companions” – presences from the animal realm whose qualities support the psyche.

A Source Card, which doesn’t contain a personal image, represents the Ground of Being.

Please enquire for details of forthcoming SoulCollage® workshops.

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